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The vmunix blues started in 1993 as site where the documentation and notes I'd written for my BSD hacks were published. Chris Coleman and I even wrote a book and published it here. Wrote it in SGML. What a nightmare. At some point in the 2000s I installed Wordpress and posted regularly until the whole blogging thing got kinda boring. Eventually the server that had been running the site for 20+ years (!) needed to be moved when my friends at Sentex (the 1st ISP in Ontario) sold their business and the new owners didn't understand what an old server from pre-historic internet times was doing taking up valuable rack space in their datacenter. I decided that dealing with the server was annoying and told them to shut it down and turn it into a coffee table. Just like that everything I'd ever published online, including my /home directory of 20 years was just gone. It felt pretty great.

Over the decade since I've written a handful of stories on Medium but left the vmunix blues in the dumpster. I'm as surprised as anyone, then, that here we are in 2023 and I've set up a Ghost blog to archive a few of the posts I could find, and am thinking of doing some writing again.

Ghost let's you subscribe to this site and will send you an email newsletter about new content when it's available. Assuming I write any, of course. Don't hold your breath.


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Jamie Larson